Special needs/courses

We have been faced with the situation several times where a student only spends limited time in Hungary and therefore, they need a very intensive and fast education. A general overload is common in this industry, meaning most schools can’t always provide an instructor right away and there are waiting lists. There are also laws and regulations which make it a bit difficult to implement a very intensive and fast education. However, we do the best we can.

By signing a special contract, we can guarantee you a maximum of 1×2 hours of driving lessons in the beginning of your education and 2×1 hours in the main part of your education. This has to be arranged with your instructor and the school as well but it is possible.

We also welcome those who live and work abroad to study with us and get a license fast. You can also bring your family members and friends. Note: those who live or work abroad require a 6 month residential permit or an official place of residence here in Hungary. Consultations and driving lessons can be arranged in English and German as well.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with us via the available contact form. We will also require the date if your arrival to Hungary and the date of your departure in order to organize your exams and education.

We are going to get back to you in 3 work days with our specialized offer.