Online learning

Our school provides you with online learning opportunities as well.

Our partner, E-Educatio Információtechnológiai Kft. operatest he E-Titán online e-learning site where you can do the courses online without having to personally attend classes.

What is e-learning?

E-learning courses convey knowledge through the internet. Its usage is becoming more and more popular and driving schools have adopted the system as well because it provides ebbet opportunities for a thorough and remote learning experience. The course material is a combination of text and visual elements, so you can easily learn about traffic rules, traffic situations and basics about the workings of the vehicles. There are also animations, tips and tests to make sure that you fully grasp the knowledge.

E-learning is sometimes better than learning in a real classroom because there is more interaction. You have to interact with the online course to complete the course material and the tests. This is usually better than listening to a lecture where your attention may wander off quickly.

Main advantages:

  1. You can fully allocate your time when it comes to learning
  2. The system registers the student’s progress, so if you quit the session and come back later, you will be right where you left off.
  3. After analyzing data, we have determined that those who study through the e-learning system perform better on theoretical exams than those who attend classroom education. This is because the e-learning interface is very similar to the interface you have to use on the theoretical exam and the questions are all part of the real pool of possible questions at the exam.
  4. The completed modules can be revisited any time to revise or fill holes in your knowledge. The tests can also be repeated as many times as you wish, provided that you don’t run out of the allocated studying hours for the course. There is a test at the end of every module, so you can see how well you have learned the module material.
  5. Lifelike situations and simulations help the students to study, and one of the main attributes of the e-learning system is interactivity. You can easily navigate between modules and pages, complete tasks easily with only a mouse and all your tasks are immediately evaluated. After completion of a test, you can always check your answers and see what you did wrong.
  6. Completion of the course only requires a computer, which can be a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc, and an internet connection. You can study anywhere, any time. There are mini mock exams at the end of each big section and a complete mock exam at the end of the course material. In order to get a course completion certificate, you need to pass this final mock exam. After completing the exam, you can download your certificate, send it to us along with your medical adequacy certificate, and we can book a theoretical exam for you.

All e-learning course materials have been certified by the authorities and they provide a comprehensive and extensive theoretical education for the students. These courses are accessible in the following packages:

  • Package 1: 180 days or 75 studying hours provided
  • Package 2: 365 days or 90 studying hours provided

The course materials have been put together by experts who have a lot of experience in the given subject such as driving a car, truck, motorcycle, etc. The courses are very thorough, they have links to legal sources and laws and the whole approach is well thought-out. By combining constant tests and checking of the student with actual questions found in the exam itself, the eduKRESZ and e-learning courses not only prepare you for the theoretical exam, but also for the following driving lessons as well.

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