AM Category

Driver’s license for ’AM’ category

Requirements for enrollment in course:

  • Minimum age of 13.5 years
  • Medical examination by a doctor (Eü I. cs.)

Requirements of applying for various exams throughout the course:

  • Minimum age of 13 and 3/4 years for the Theory Test.
  • Minimum age of 14 years for the Driver skills’ test.
  • Payment of the course fee and the exam fee.
  • Having driven the compulsory amount of driving hours and distance.
  • Completion of the course.

The following section contains information about the parts and study material of the course, the compulsory amount of driving hours and the compulsory distance driven needed to apply for the exam.

  Theoretical subjects and course length:

’Basic study’: 16 hours (12 hours of Traffic Law, 4 hours of Vehicle Handling study)

Theoretical lessons last 45 minutes. 
The Driving School also offers ’e-learning’ as a way of completing the theoretical course.

Driving lessons, road hours, compulsory distance:

Compulsory distance driven throughout the course: 100km
Compulsory road hours (number of hours spent on the road): 10 hours + 2 hour for the practical exam. The total number of 30 hours are derived in the following manner:

  •      Basic education                   4 hours
    • Handling exam                      1 hour
    • Main education: at least 6 hours spent in traffic, which incorporates:
      • Urban driving                     6 hours
      • Driving Exam        1 hour

The student needs to pass the Theoretical Exam in order to begin the Practical Education where the knowledge acquired in the Theoretical part of the course is put into practice. The time for each Driver lesson must be set in coordination with your instructor. Each Driving lesson lasts 50 minutes. During Basic Education, the maximum number of driving hours is 2 hours per day, during Main Education this number is 2×2 with a compulsory 1 hour rest in between sessions. Having driven the compulsory 100 km distance and having completed the compulsory 10 hours of Driving Lessons, and in case of a failed Driving Exam, and based on your current performance and driving ability your Instructor may recommend you to take further Driving Lessons.

The Driving Exam lasts 50 minutes (which means about 40 minutes of continuous driving). This incorporates the time needed by the Examiners to present the required information to the examinee about the structure of the Driving Exam, the manner in which the examinee’s performance is evaluated, the requirements for the examinee to partake in the exam, and the inspection of the examinee’s required legal documents. Having failed the 5th Driving Exam, the student needs to apply for a PÁV examination.

  1. Course fees, Exam fees, ways of payment
  • Course fees
    • Theoretical study
      • e-learning ( Package I: 90 days/60hours)      25. 000,HUF
      • Classroom education                                         30.000,HUF
      • Consultation (only with e-learning)                  2.000,HUF/hour
      • Further Theoretical lessons:                                 1.000,HUF
      • *Time limits of e-learning packages: Every package has an expiration date and an ’amount of hours spent studying’ after which the package also expires. The courses can be completed any time before their expiration.
    • Practical Lessons (Driving Lessons)
      • – Vehicle with manual transmission                                     5.000,HUF/lesson
      • The fees don’t change after having driven the compulsory 100 km distance, having driven the compulsory 10 road hours or failing the Driver Exam.
  • In case of receiving a student from another institution, the Instructor’s fee is the same 4.500,HUF/lesson (Time stamps are used here as well)
  • In case of a student coming from another institution with a Course Certificate (Training Certificate) the administration fee is 15.000,HUF.
  • Exam fees:
    • Different fees regulated by the Authorities:
    • Theoretical Exam (KRESZ): 4.600,HUF
    • Driving exam: 11.000,HUF
    • First Aid exam: 7.900,HUF (if required, seek ’Magyar Vöröskereszt’)
  • In certain cases, some students are not required to pass certain exams in order to get their driving license:Those who possess a qualification or diploma in 1 of the fields stated in the GKM decree ’24/2005’ are not required to complete a First Aid exam. The School Executive can grant this exemption if the appropriate documents (verified by the School Executive) are enclosed to the application form. The same process applies when presenting a certificate of a previous successful First Aid exam or a previously acquired Driver’s License.

SPECIAL OFFERS: In the case of 2 or more students applying simultaneously, all students are eligible for a 5.000 HUF discount deducted from the total Course Fee. The discount, however, only applies if the students successfully pass the Driver Exam and complete the course.

  • Ways of payment, installments
    • Payments can be made through electronic bank transfer or via cash (requires an official statement)
    • Payments can be made personally at the school HQ at the cashier’s desk.
    • We also offer installments.

The total Course fee and possible installments are fixed in the contract signed by both the school and the student. It is guaranteed by the school that from the date of the signing of the contract, the school shall not modify its Lesson fees while the student is under the compulsory 30 hour driving period of the Course. We uphold our right to change the Lesson fees outside this interval however, if need be.

Pricing table:

CategoryTheoretical courseE-learningTotal driving practiceTotal Course Fee Exam Hour Fees
Theoretical (Kresz) Exam feeMotor Handling Exam FeeDriving Exam fee
 [Ft][Ft][Ft][Ft][Ft] [Ft][Ft][Ft]
AM35 000 45 00075 0009 000 4 6004 70011 000
AM e-learning package I  25 00045 00070 0009 0004 6004 70011 000