Online registration

1., The first step is to notify us of your intent to apply for a driving license in one or more categories. This can easily be done by filling out the form on the bottom of the page. We are going to need some personal information from you, such as your contact info and your a scanned format of your personal documents, such as ID card, residential card, already existing driving license, etc.

2., After you send us the necessary information and documents, we are going to get back to you soon via the indicated email address. You are going to find attached the adult education contract, the student information broschure, the terms and conditions and a brief summary of how your courses are going to be planned. All information can be provided in English. After reading the adult education contract, we need you to fill it out with the necessary details, sign it, scan it and send it back to us via email to the indicated email address.

3., After your information has been received and your data has been processed, we are going to send you the financial details of how much you need to pay in cash or via bank transfer. if you wish to study via e-learning format, then after receiving the bank transfer and once again checking the validity of all personal data, we can complete your registration into the E-Educatio/E-Titán system and you are going to be able to access the learning interface shortly after. When this is successful, you are going to receive an email from the E-Titán system where you have to finalize your registration and provide a means for your future logins. You can create a separate E-Titán account or use your Facebook/Gmail accounts as well to complete the registration and log in in the future. If you wish to study in a classroom, we need to arrange the lessons with you.

4., After you have completed the course and passed the final mock exam, you can download the course certificate from the system and send it to us. With that, we can reserve a theoretical exam for you.

All your personal data is managed and processed confidantly and is only available in the email system of the driving school. Our website does not use cookies, does not store any data. For more information about data protection and privacy, please visit our data protection page.