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Apply for a course before the busy spring to get a head start into the season!

You can sign up for an early bird course for our motorcycle and car courses:

Available courses: AM, A1, A2, A, B; BE, T, C, CE category

Note: prices don’t include exam fees and the price of the first aid course for your 1st driving license.


You can order a personalized coupon for one person

For more information, call either of these numbers:

06/70-70-20085 és 06-70-850-9091


Governmental subsidies can be requested for the category B license!

Legal basis: The 55/2018. (III. 23.) governmental decree describes the process of requesting a subsidy for the theoretical course and the theoretical exam.

Who can apply:

The subsidy can be requested by Hungarian citizens and those for whom the 2011. CCIV. law section 39.  § (1)  paragraph points a) and c)–h)  apply. If the applicant is not over 20 years old on the day of a successful completion of the theoretical course, they qualify.

Following July 1 2020, based on the approppriate healthcare law, people who receive aid in the form of baby care, childcare or family care, can also apply for a governmental subsidy for the previously mentioned parts.

Ammount: The maximum possible financial aid in the form of a governmental subsidy can be 25.000 HUF, but also less based on the actual cost of the theoretical exam and the theoretical course.

How to apply: Within one year of passing the category „B” theoretical exam, you can request the subsidy by filling out an electronic form. The government issues a bank transfer to your bank account based on the actual costs you had to cover, but up to a maximum of 25.000 HUF. The request is free of any charges but is denied if more than 1 year has passed since your successful completion of the theoretical exam.

Our school helps: We gladly help you with the details if you wish to request the governmental subsidy by helping you fill out the electronic form and providing you with the necessary details.


Pap Gábor: 06/70-433-0724

Barna Beatrix: 06/70-70-20085

Come to us and get behind the wheel fast!

We work with a big number of experienced instructors ranging from the car to different categories of morocycle education.

 Our instructors are more available on weekdays in the morning and early afternoon hours. Driving lessons can be arranged early in the morning, in evenings and on public holidays as well. You can find more details on the category description pages.


Bring a friend with you for an instant discount!

Permanent discounts: In the case of 2 students applying simultaneously with one having invited the other, both applicants get an instant 5.000 HUF discount from the price of the course.

Note: all discounts are realized only when the student contract ends with a successful driving exam at our school.

Pissibility of installments:

Paying for the whole driving license is possible in 3 installments. First, you have to pay for the theoretical course and learning package, then, the fee of the driving lessons can be divided into 2 sums.

Driving license expansion, new categories:

If you wish to expand your existing driving license for more cehicles, we offer better compulsory lesson numbers and a better final sum.

More information can be found on our driving license expansion page.

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